March 10, 2021 | Brochure

We have worked with numerous major financial institutions and analyzed issues related to all aspects of complex financial products. Vega uses advanced data analytics and carefully assesses each client's unique circumstances to identify the most robust method employable for addressing the issues in hand. Vega will be your best ally in navigating the LIBOR transition given our deep institutional knowledge and advanced technology solutions.

Creating a Better Contract Review Process

It is important for market participants to identify and evaluate all impacted contracts. Vega can partner with attorneys to make the process of contract review more efficient and effective. To streamline the contract review process, we have algorithms to classify documents and use proprietary tools to identify, categorize, index, and compile relevant contract language —such as varieties of fallback provisions—before attorneys' review. This hybrid system saves time and cost for the clients and generates more accurate results compared to purely manual review.

Powering Exposure Analysis with Expertise

We can quantify any material impact on a firm’s assets, liabilities, and income from the LIBOR transition and conduct stress tests under alternative reference rate regimes. We have a comprehensive understanding of the financial products and sophisticated modelling tools required to study the complex interactions between collateral, structure, and roles of different parties involved. Clients get the best possible advice in terms of risks and opportunities from the strong partnership of PhD economists and attorneys. Our exposure analysis can provide insights for financial risk and assist attorneys' legal risk analysis.

Portfolio Reevaluation and Risk Measurement

The LIBOR transition will impact every investor’s portfolio. Vega can assist clients in evaluating their investment portfolio, helping them in quantifying specific aspects of their portfolio that the LIBOR transition will impact as well as quantifying the overall changes in portfolio risk.

 The LIBOR Transition: Risks and Opportunities