Vega Economics’ technology, internet & media practice offers litigation support, consulting, and business planning. Our network consists of technology-focused economists and specialized academic subject-matter experts. Vega experts regularly provide analysis of internet and media issues relating to media markets, as well as tech sector issues relating to corporate structuring, antitrust, class action cases, and intellectual property. Members of the Vega network have also testified regarding damages and valuation in media and technology cases.

Example Engagements

  • Patent Valuation: Vega valued the patent for virtual 3D tour technology used by online real estate brokerages. To do so, the Vega team analyzed how the technology contributed to website traffic and conversion rates for a specific online brokerage, and it calculated profits with and without the patented technology. Vega also supplied a Georgia-Pacific factor analysis to estimate reasonable royalties in this case.

  • Technology Insurance: Vega supported two experts in an arbitration regarding claim payments on extended service plans for mobile phones and other devices. One expert created a statistically valid sample of claims to be audited and extrapolated the audit results to the overall population of claims. Vega also supported an expert who calculated the harm suffered due to the alleged improper actions.

  • Online Credit Card Use by Minors: Vega supported an expert in providing testimony and analysis in a class-action case involving payments made by minors on an online platform. The expert analyzed the website’s data to identify unauthorized transactions made by minors. The Vega expert also analyzed the practicalities of proposed controls on unauthorized transactions by minors in the context of internet platforms.


Michael A. Einhorn

Economic Consultant and Expert Witness

  • Antitrust & Competition
  • Technology, Internet & Media
Donna L. Hoffman

Louis Rosenfeld Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Co-Director of the Center for the Connected Consumer at The George Washington School of Business

  • Technology, Internet & Media
  • Marketing
Michael K├Ânig

Associate Professor in the School of Business and Economics, VU University Amsterdam

  • Technology, Internet & Media
William H. Lehr

Research Associate in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Technology, Internet & Media
Nick Merrill

Founder and Managing Consultant at Broad Daylight

  • Technology, Internet & Media
Sharat Raghavan

Sr. Economist; Lecturer at Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

  • Technology, Internet & Media
  • Private Equity
  • FinTech