Charles H. Grice

Banking/Internal Controls and Risk Management Expert

Charles Grice is a seasoned expert in the field of regulatory compliance for financial institutions, lending his expertise as a witness in significant consumer finance litigation cases involving fraud, due diligence, and money laundering.

In his consultancy role, Mr. Grice boasts a wealth of experience crafting policies, procedures, and internal controls tailored to consumer financial products. He offers guidance to boards of directors and corporate leaders on topics ranging from mortgage lending to credit risk management, compliance, and due diligence standards. His clientele spans major U.S. and international banks, financial holding companies, FinTech firms, mortgage companies, and investment managers. Moreover, he has delivered comprehensive seminars on risk management and compliance to countless institutions and banking professionals across the globe.

With a track record of providing expert testimony in depositions and trials across various court jurisdictions, including U.S. district courts and the New York State Supreme Court, Mr. Grice is well-versed in navigating legal proceedings. He has also lent his insights before key U.S. government agencies such as the Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve Board, the Department of the Treasury, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Additionally, Mr. Grice has assumed pivotal roles as a board-appointed chief compliance officer and chief risk officer, guiding organizations through specialized situations and negotiating enforcement actions with state and federal regulatory bodies. His professional background includes tenure with the International Finance Division of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, where he spearheaded chairman-related projects on interest rate management, risk management, and international financial institution relationships. Furthermore, he has held positions such as assistant director of the California Bankers Association.

Mr. Grice's academic pursuits have taken him across continents, delving into research on mortgage investments and financial markets as an ITT Scholar/Fulbright Scholar and as a Kellogg National Fellow.