February 20, 2024 | Expertise

The False Claims Act (FCA) cases commonly involve healthcare, defense contracts, and other federally funded sectors. By integrating the expertise of Vega Economics, our clients can benefit from specialized economic analysis, expert witness support, and strategic insights. This collaborative approach strengthens legal strategies and economic arguments for a comprehensive and effective defense or prosecution.

Vega Economics is active in providing expert witness support in FCA cases, particularly in the healthcare sector. Our litigation experience includes analysis of the following types of fraudulent claims:

  • Billing Fraud: Submitting false invoices or claims for payment.
  • Kickbacks and Bribes: Providing or receiving kickbacks or bribes in connection with government contracts.
  • Quality of Goods or Services: Providing goods or services that do not meet contractual requirements.
  • Upcoding and Unbundling: Inflating costs or submitting claims for services not performed.

Vega Economics can also assist our clients in a variety of different ways including detecting fraud, assessing damages and monitoring compliance in any FCA investigation. Our experience includes analysis including:

Economic Data Analysis for Fraud Detection: Leveraging advanced economic data analysis, we can identify patterns indicative of potential fraud in billing, contract compliance, or other economic aspects. Our expertise allows for a nuanced examination of economic data, aiding in the identification of irregularities that may warrant further investigation.

Economic Damages Assessment: Our experts can quantify financial losses and assess the economic impact, contributing essential data for damages calculations.

Economic Compliance Monitoring: Vega Economics assists in monitoring economic compliance, ensuring organizations adhere to economic aspects of FCA requirements. This proactive approach aids in preventing economic violations and fortifies overall economic compliance.

If you're a legal professional handling an FCA case or a business under investigation, get in touch with us at experts@vegaeconomics.com to explore how we can provide assistance.