Jeremy Reifsnyder

Consultant and Expert Witness

Jeremy Reifsnyder has accumulated more than thirty years of experience in the financial services industry, during which he has served as a consultant and provided expertise in corporate and structured finance, securitization, credit derivatives, and financial guaranty insurance. With a deep understanding of risk evaluation, credit underwriting, transaction structuring, and pricing, Jeremy has successfully closed over $35 billion worth of corporate and structured financing deals across multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has worked with clients from diverse industries such as airlines, automobile manufacturing and supply, communications and entertainment, defense, banking and financial services, consumer products, energy, heavy equipment manufacturing, healthcare, homebuilding and mortgage banking, industrial products, information technology, retailing, services, and public utilities. His financial services and advice, both secured and unsecured, have been sought by companies of all sizes, ranging from startups and middle-market enterprises to major multinational corporations in the United States and abroad.

Jeremy's expertise extends to various asset classes within the structured finance domain. He has dealt with corporate credit obligations, loans, and leases, as well as secured and unsecured consumer loan assets. Additionally, he possesses substantial experience in residential and commercial mortgages, having worked on or evaluated over 900 distinct residential mortgage securitizations. Furthermore, Jeremy has a comprehensive understanding of special purpose structured finance vehicles, including collateralized debt obligations and asset-backed commercial paper issuers. He is well-versed in collaborating with credit rating agencies and applying their methodologies to assess corporate credit and asset-backed risks in structured transactions.

Jeremy has provided consulting services, litigation support, and expert witness testimony to financial and corporate entities in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. He has also held leadership positions at banks, securities firms, and insurance companies, where he successfully established and revitalized strategic business units, pioneered new markets and financing transactions both domestically and globally, and cultivated highly successful client relationships. Within these organizations, Jeremy developed, implemented, and supervised risk evaluation and due diligence policies, procedures, and practices. He also held primary responsibility for pricing decisions and negotiation of pricing terms for corporate and structured transactions. With experience as both a buyer and seller of credit risk, Jeremy has effectively negotiated pricing with corporate and bank clients and joint venture partners throughout his career.