March 1, 2019 | Brochure

The Vega Economics expert network has over 150 academic and industry professionals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. We work with our clients to determine the best-suited expert and the ideal economic analysis to address the unique issues of each case.

We begin the search process by gaining a good understanding of your expert needs and the type of opinions you are looking for. Our search team is always led by one of our PhD economists. This allows us to pre-screen experts’ credentials and fit.

Our search team interviews potential experts and ensures they are available, free of conflicts, and appropriate for the assignment before sending you their profiles. We provide an honest assessment about the pros and cons of each proposed expert to assist your decision-making process.

Once an expert is paired, we provide continuous support to help manage the expert and to implement the expert analyses.

 Practice Areas & Expert Network Brochure 2019