Richard W. George

Principal at Bank Experts Group

Richard George is a seasoned executive, educator in the financial services industry and experienced expert witness in banking litigation including areas such as business and commercial real estate lending, bank credit and underwriting, regulatory compliance, and bank senior management best practices.

After receiving an MBA from UC-Berkeley, Mr. George was a McKinsey consultant before joining Citibank.  During a 29-year career with the bank, he served in a number of senior managerial positions in several foreign countries and in the U.S., and as a Senior Credit Officer.

Mr. George’s accomplishments include: managing the turnaround and sale of a troubled community bank in the U.S., effecting a major improvement in the operations of Citibank’s $5 Billion Bahrain-based regional loan administration and treasury operations center, negotiating a sovereign debt restructuring for the Republic of Turkey, establishing a business development strategy and marketing program for banking retail products in east Asia. In the U.S., he underwrote loans to numerous commercial real estate projects for national developers. He was subsequently appointed head of Citibank’s commercial real estate peer-review group where he assessed Citibank’s problem resolution strategies for major real estate workouts in the U.S, Canada and Australia. Throughout his career at Citibank, Mr. George participated as an educator at the bank’s Institute for Global Finance, focusing on improving the credit and product skills of bank officers.

In 1999, Mr. George formed a management consulting firm as the predecessor of Bank Experts Group and became an independent consultant, educator, and expert witness in banking litigation.  He was recruited to become CEO of a troubled Washington, D.C.-based community bank.  He then became co-lead on a two-year contract to teach sophisticated corporate finance and credit techniques at the largest commercial bank in Korea.  He began his expert witness career in 2003 and has been engaged by many prestigious law firms in a wide range of disputes, including cases involving fraud, bank management best practices, regulatory compliance, corporate finance, loan underwriting and international banking practices.  Contemporaneously with his banking expert career, from1998 to 2013 Mr. George was a Lecturer in finance at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and at the Haas Graduate School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. George’s success in his career as an expert witness attests to his personal abilities and professional skills acquired in dealing with unstructured situations and troubled institutions.  He has demonstrated throughout his teaching and testifying career - at distinguished academic institutions and in the courtroom - an ability to present complex subjects in a readily understandable and effective manner.

Mr. George is a member of the American Association of Bank Directors, Risk Management Association and serves on the Investment Committee of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation and is a licensed California Real Estate broker. He lives with his family near Lake Tahoe, California, and in San Francisco.