Shivprasad Gunjal



Shivprasad (Shiv) Gunjal is a Senior Associate at Vega Economics. Mr. Gunjal specializes in applied economics and financial econometrics. He is an experienced manager of teams with expertise in conducting detailed statistical analyses and implementing quantitative techniques related to structured finance.

In recent case experience, Mr. Gunjal led a team responsible for creating a quantitative damages model in a matter involving an RMBS trustee. Specifically, he assessed the impact of the assumed date of loan repurchases given the waterfall provisions in the governing agreements for the different at-issue securities. He also modeled the impact of potential trustee actions on the cashflows to different certificates with disparate interests. Finally, he calculated and quantified tortious damages.

Mr. Gunjal has performed quantitative damages analysis for a number of cases involving RMBS servicers and master servicers. Specifically, he helped to create a rebuttal to the opposing expert’s damages analysis, recalculated damages using alternative assumptions, and quantified the carrying costs of non-performing mortgages. He implemented complex statistical and technical analyses in these matters, such as using a Monte Carlo simulation for loan repurchase and coding a script to identify critical documents from servicing files for the expert’s review.

Prior to joining Vega Economics, Mr. Gunjal was responsible for quantitative performance and risk analysis in the fund of funds industry. He also worked as a prop trader for a proprietary trading institution. Mr. Gunjal has successfully handled settlement of failing equity trades in EMEA and North American markets.

Mr. Gunjal received his master’s degree in Economics from University of San Francisco with an emphasis on quantitative economics. He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi.