Retained by Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Vega Economics was retained by Cineplex, through Borden Ladner Gervais, to support Professor On Amir to provide expert opinions regarding certain allegations of deceptive marketing practices (Competition Tribunal No. CT-2023- 003). Specifically, the allegations are related to purchases that are made on Cineplex’s website and mobile app as well as Cineplex’s application of an online booking fee. 

Professor Amir answered various questions including the following:

•    Whether his review of the Cineplex website and mobile app reflect user design best practices and principles of marketing;
•    Whether Cineplex’s online booking fee is presented clearly based on his analysis of user cues integrated with the ticket buying process; and
•    Whether the current presentation of Cineplex’s online booking fee in the ticket buying process allows consumers to effectively choose between differently priced ticket options.

In addition, Professor Amir reviewed and responded to two experts retained by the Commissioner of Competition. 

Expert Report of Dr. On Amir 

Sur-Reply Expert Report of Dr. On Amir