Daniel Taylor

Associate Professor of Accounting at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

A tenured professor at The Wharton School, Dr. Taylor is an award-winning researcher and teacher with extensive expertise on issues related to SEC filings, accounting fraud, insider trading, and corporate governance. A world-renown scholar, Professor Taylor has written more than 20 articles on these topics published in the leading academic journals in accounting, finance, and management; led seminars at over 100 leading business schools across the globe; won numerous academic and industry awards; and serves on the editorial boards of several top academic journals.

Professor Taylor’s research targets practitioners and regulators, and aims to have direct relevance to current issues facing boards and shareholders. His research frequently appears in the business media, and has been cited in rules and regulations promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. His research has been presented at multiple regulatory and enforcement agencies including the SEC, the Public Company Audit Oversight Board, and the Southern District of New York; and has informed multiple investigations by the FBI, Treasury, and Department of Justice.

He has provided expert and consulting services related to best practices in corporate governance, regulatory investigations, and fraud prediction, and has co-developed and licensed intellectual property related to parsing SEC filings.

Professor Taylor teaches a cutting-edge undergraduate course––Forensic Analytics––that applies state-of-the-art analytics to SEC filings, fraud prediction, and insider trading. In addition to his undergraduate teaching, he also teaches a doctoral seminar on research design and data analysis. His doctoral students have gone on to become faculty at a variety of leading business schools, including Stanford, MIT, and Chicago. Professor Taylor received his bachelor’s degree from University of Delaware, his master’s from Duke University, and his PhD from Stanford University.