March 1, 2021 | Brochure

Vega's research team remains on forefront of litigation trends and is able to proactively strategize how economic analysis can effectively strengthen our clients position. There are two major categories of ESG-related litigation. The first category directly concerns companies and their operations such as environmental damages or damages to the communities. The litigation arising directly out of ESG factors are not new, but as the ESG awareness grows, we anticipate seeing more and more litigation cases in this category. The second category concerns corporate ESG reporting and disclosures. Companies have been responding to a growing demand for ESG initiatives by increasing reporting and statements of internal ESG goals. Consequently, we anticipate a wave of legal challenges to follow when the disclosures of ESG commitments are not accurate.

We discuss example ESG-related litigation claims and included a list of our featured ESG experts in the publication below. 

 Preparing for the Rise of ESG Litigation